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Q: Can I wear the gold jewelry in the shower?

A: Yes, our jewelry is 100% waterproof, water resistant, and tarnish resistant. You can shower and bathe in our jewelry worry free.


Q: Can I wear the jewelry while working out?

A: Yes, our jewelry is completely sweatproof and water resistant. You can work out and swim with the jewelry on.


Q: Can I wear the jewelry in the ocean?

A: Yes, you can wear our jewelry in the ocean without worrying about it tarnishing or rusting. Our jewelry will not rust, even in salt water.


Q: What makes your jewelry waterproof?

A: Our jewelry is made of 316 surgical stainless-steel base which is susceptible to rusting. 316 stainless steel grade is corrosion resistant to water and chlorides. Because of this, medical equipment’s, implants, and areas with high salt levels is all made using this type of metal. On top of this, we also use a newer plating technique called Ion plating, which is 8 times more durable than traditional gold plated jewelry. Ion plating is one of the best plating methods used on high end watches and is exceptionally durable.


Q: Does your jewelry tarnish or turn green?

A: No, our jewelry is rust proof and will not turn green. Our plating is waterproof and designed to last for years. If the gold plating starts to wear, the jewelry will be a lighter color closer to silver, but it will not turn green.  This is because our metal base is 316L stainless steel which will not turn color or corrode.


Q: How long does the gold plating last?

A: You can expect the plating to last from 2-5 years and even longer. Our jewelry is waterproof but do keep away from cleaning products and hand sanitizer as these harsh chemicals can strip away the plating at a faster rate. Follow our jewelry care guide to ensure your Mai Desiree Jewelry last for years to come.


Q: What makes your jewelry sustainable and eco-friendly?

A: Mai Desiree is a zero-waste brand. From choosing raw materials to the creating process and shipping, we strive to provide both quality and value in our jewelry pieces without harming the earth. Our focus is to design high quality timeless pieces so you will be able to love and keep your jewelry pieces for a longer period. For the jewelry base, we use 316L stainless steel which is an exceptionally durable metal that is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and waterproof.

When it comes to plating materials, we use recycled gold and silver. As for the plating technique, we use a new technique called Ion Plating, which is exceptionally durable, recyclable, and nontoxic to the environment. Our packaging material and shipping boxes are all made from recycled paper.


Q: What makes your jewelry hypoallergenic?

A: We use various grades of stainless steel and titanium steel which has little to no nickel.


Q: Do you sell real gold jewelry?

A: We sell high quality demi fine jewelry that is made with stainless steel or titanium metals and plated to real recycled gold and silver.

Q: Are your rings waterproof?

A: yes, all of our rings are 100% waterproof. To maintain longevity of the gold plating, remove rings when using hand sanitizer until hand is dry.


Q: How can I find my ring size?

A: We have a ring size conversion chart on every ring product page under the "sizing" tab". You can also use this printable sizer chart to find your size here


Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide and give free international shipping for orders over $150 usd.


Q: How do I get in contact with customer service?

A: Send us an email at